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Interesting facts about bed bugs

Twenty years ago, residents of such advanced countries as the United Kingdom and the United States were confident that with bed bugs, especially abundantly bred after the Second World War, is finished once and for all. Of course, it could not be argued that these night hunters for human blood had disappeared without a trace, but, in any case, in recent years, owners of expensive and chic hotels with a clear conscience guaranteed their guests a quiet night and a healthy sleep.

Bug for twenty million dollars

However, time has shown that it's too early to rest on our laurels. Initially cornered bloodsuckers quickly returned to their former positions. Parasitologists say that since 1995, the number of bedbugs in the world has doubled every year. The hotel owners are sounding the alarm, though, not suffering from the bedbugs themselves, but from their guests. After all, sixty-seventy years ago travelers, spending the night in hotels, only scratched themselves, scolding out the negligent masters aloud, but at the same time perceived bedbugs as an inevitable evil. Present clients have long forgotten about the existence of "night porter" hotel apartments and make crazy suits for every bite. So, a few years ago, a fifty-four-year-old Chicago resident Leslie Fox exhibited the Nevel Grand hotel, which is located at the famous ski resort of Catskill (New York) for twenty million dollars! It was in this amount that an elderly lover of mountain skis valued her body, torn by bloodsuckers. As evidence of the buggy lawlessness happening in a far from cheap hotel, the court is presented with photos of five hundred bites, bloody sheets and even the own bastard lady bug.
The New York authorities agree that such a case can no longer be regarded as something outstanding. Legislators intend to create in the metropolis a special team, designed to fight exclusively with bedbugs. And it's high time. The head of a New York firm engaged in the fight against domestic insects, a certain Eisenberg, published interesting statistics: ten years ago, urban residents applied to his company on average fifty times a year. Recently, the same number of applications comes in a week, and all on a bug-like part! It's time to expand the staff. Eisenberg carefully conceals his emotions: after all, cleaning one apartment from bedbugs costs up to two hundred and fifty to five hundred dollars. And this is without a guarantee that the bloodsuckers will not reappear after experiencing the hard times of their neighbors.


Unfortunately, not just America has suffered such an affliction. Resorts in Australia are experiencing a real invasion of parasites. Not so long ago it was found that eight out of ten hotels in Sydney are infected with bedbugs. The tourism industry in Australia annually loses about seventy-five million US dollars because of the idle time of hotel premises, where disinfestation activities are held. Scientists from the Institute of Clinical Pathology say that over the past four years, infections, which are caused by bug bites, increased by 800 percent. True, Australians blame the travelers themselves, arguing that foreign tourists, without knowing it themselves, bring parasites in their own luggage. Opponents of this theory, in turn, refer to the data obtained in the study of Australian homes for the elderly, the inhabitants of which have never in their lives traveled beyond their own town. The figures are horrifying: thus, in the bed of a lonely Australian old woman, physicians counted about five thousand bugs!
British parasitologists, discovering that their island nation was also attacked by bedbugs, tried, like their Australian counterparts, to dump everything on foreign tourists. However, careful research has shown the following: a number of bedbugs really arrived in the Foggy Albion from wild Asia and hot Africa, but most parasites have a British "residence permit". "Root" English bugs are fully adapted to most of the chemicals used against them and calmly drink the life-giving juices from the lady and the gentlemen, not paying attention to the class and color of the blood of their "bread-winners".
The cloppy hordes and our country did not pass. Residents of the city of Surgut in the Khanty-Mansiysk District are extremely concerned about the appearance of these vicious insects in their homes. Noble purgators are blamed for the clopin invasion of immigrants trading in markets with Asian consumer goods. And, I think, is not unfounded. One of the local newspapers published a material rich in emotions, telling how her employee bought new jeans on the market and, unfolding a new thing in the apartment, shook out a handful of bedbugs of obviously Chinese origin.

"Old" friend ... bug

From all of the above, the conclusion follows: it is long overdue to recall what this new "old" misfortune is - Tsimex Lectularia or, in Russian, a bed bug.

This parasite belongs to the squad of half-wings, although it has not had wings for a long time - they have disappeared as useless. The body of the bug is no larger than five millimeters, has a reddish-brown or cherry color, is covered with hard hairs and is strongly flattened, which makes it very difficult to detect it. Thanks to the "flat" structure of the body, the bug can hide in the most improbable places. Favorite residence - straggling wallpaper, old furniture: tables, chairs, cabinets, and especially wooden beds and mattresses.
The bed bug produces a pungent smell, which connoisseurs of noble beverages are compared to the smell of French cognac. True, it was not possible to find out: what brand of cognac has such a piquant smell? Bedbugs attack the victim at night, they usually take ten minutes to get enough, provided, of course, that the victim will not resist. Satisfied with life, a lone bug will go to the bed of his "breadwinner" no more often than once a day. However, if bedbugs are hungry and there are many of them, then aggressive actions can begin among the white day and continue continuously for quite a long time.
For one "calling" the bug consumes seven milliliters of blood, which is equal to its double volume. His bite is painless at first, and only in the morning on the body a blister will jump, there may be a rash and itching of the skin. Sometimes the bites bleed and blood stains remain on the bed linen. The treatment of bites is useless - in a few days they will pass by themselves. You can use some lotion to reduce itching. Blood is the only food of a bed bug and, incidentally, not necessarily human. Bedbugs successfully feed on the blood of animals.

No wonder there is a saying: "Yes, to hell with it, with a burnt house, but bugs died out." If there are bugs in the bed, it's easier to throw it away. It is extremely difficult to get cold feet or cold hunger for bedbugs. Even at a temperature of minus 15 degrees the bug is able to stretch the whole day. It can only be destroyed by a long negative temperature.
To deprive the bedbugs of contentment, too, there is little hope. Bedbugs can starve for up to a year and a half, "resting" in abandoned houses or in old furniture in anticipation of another victim. "Catching" a suitable object on occasion, and once saturated, bedbugs can easily start anew their one and a half year hunger strike. Even if the dwelling has been abandoned for a long time, there is no guarantee that small night vampires do not live there.

So the battle with the bugs only begins and before the victory of mankind over the elusive creatures is still very far away.